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New Adult Patient Consultation
  (including 2 X-rays and reports)
Adult Routine Examination
Child Examination (0-16 Years)
Child Examination (16-21 Years)
Small X-ray £10 each
Scanning X-ray (DPT) £50
Hygienist Therapy (30 Minutes) £65
White composite (direct) fillings
From £110
Amalgam fillings Extractions (simple) From £95
Extractions (simple) From £150
Root Canal Treatment From £350
Tooth Whitening - Upper and Lower arches £350
Porcelain Inlay
From £425
Porcelain Veneer
From £550
Porcelain Crown
From £725
Full Gold Crown
From £575
Adhesive Bridge (Maryland)
From £650
Traditional Bridges (Porcelain fused to metal) From £525 per tooth
Acrylic Dentures
From £700
Cobalt-Chrome Dentures From £1,400
Nightguards for Bruxium Protection From £150
Implant (for single Implant and Crown) From £2,400
Implant Consultation From £100
Endodontic Consultation From £100
Periodontal Consultation From £150
Facial Aesthetics Consultation From £75

Please note that the above price list is for routine work.  Please ask your dentist for a quote for other treatments. Complex treatments that may require more treatment planning and more complex lab work will be charged for accordingly.

Please ask your dentist to give you a quote for your work.  Please also note that certain treatments may have to change from the original treatment plan as the treatment progresses, and the costs incurred will therefore change also.

Patients are advised to give 48 hours notice for cancellation of appointments.  A charge will be made for late cancellations and failed appointments.

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